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Get SmartGPX for your device!

SmartGPX is "Coinware"

SmartGPX is a free software and can be installed and used without a fee.

But if you like SmartGPX and find it useful (and maybe want to have updates and support :-D ) you can do this:

Take an unregistered Geocoin or Travelbug and send the following information to
  • Name, tracking number and activation code of the Geocoin/Travelbug
  • Maybe a picture of the Geocoin/Travelbug
  • Your name and account at geocaching.com.
  • A link or waypoint of a cache at geocaching.com you are going to place the Geocoin/Travelbug.
I will register and activate the Geocoin or Travelbug at geocaching.com for the account smartcaching.de and give it the mission to travel on the shortest way to a TB-Hotel near my home location. I'll add "(sent by <your_name>)" to the GC's/TB's name.

As soon as it arrives here I'll take it out and set it's mission to "completed".

smartcaching.de trackable items can be viewed here:
Profile for smartcaching.de
Of course it is not a problem if you prefer a different community website for your Geocoin/Travelbug. Just tell me where to go and what to do ;-).

Donations welcome

Many SmartGPX and Mobile Weather users told me, that they would like to donate a Euro or two if I'd put a "Donate" button on my website. So please feel free to donate whatever amount you like. Please use the "Spenden" (German for Donate) button below.

Thank you very much.

Freeware License

If you download and install SmartGPX you agree this freeware license

Installation note

If you get a certificate error when you try to install SmartGPX, your phone does not allow the installation of unsigned applications. In this case go to "Tools" => "App.mgr." and select "Settings" from "Options" menu. Set the option "Software installation" to "All". Now try it again.

Get SmartGPX for your device

Version 1.1
SmartGPX for S60 2nd edition:
Version: 1.1 (26)
Release notes
SmartGPX for S60 3rd and 5th edition, Symbian^3:
Version: 1.1 (26)
Release notes
SmartGPX AddOn for S60 3rd and 5th edition, Symbian^3:
NOTE: This installation file must be signed before it can be installed!
Version: 0.7.1
Release notes

Version 1.0
SmartGPX for UIQ3:
Version: 1.0 (21)
Release notes

Version 0.9
SmartGPX for Series 80 DP2:
Version: 0.9.7
Release notes

SmartGPX Manual PDF (1.2MB)
Sample GPX Pocket Query:
If you aren't a geocaching.com Premium Member yet, you can try SmartGPX with this file.
geocaching.com sample Pocket Query
opencaching.de sample query

Use "Save link as..." to save this files!

Copyright (C) 2010 by Dimitri Brukakis. All rights reserved
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